Thursday, October 30, 2014

Just sing

When you feel down about yourself SING! 
Max is singing all the time.  He doesn't know all the words, but boy does he try hard.  His current favorites are the ABC's, and the opening credits for "Play with me Sesame" on Netflix or on Sprout online. 

We are making some big decisions about Max's education in the next few weeks and I will share with you what we have been learning, and researching soon.

Here are a few awesome videos of Max singing: 
(You can even make out most of the words)

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Max went on his first preschool field trip today to Pumpkinland.  He got to ride the big yellow school bus which was the most exciting part of the trip.  His teacher said he loved the bus! 
Will met him at Pumpkinland, which was a good thing because Max became very overwhelmed at the amount of other kids and people there.  This has been happening a lot lately.  Max doesn't do well in big crowds.  He keeps his head down, gets scared, and then melts down.  The loud noise, the commotion, and the constant movement of people really effects him and he gets super stimulated. 
Max likes the normalicy of our house, a few people, and his trucks. 

But the field trip was good and we are excited to go on a little family outing this weekend to the Big Red Barn to pick our family pumpkins. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Are you a hobo?"

Max loves to mimic.  He will mimic anything you say, and sometimes it comes out right and sometimes we get interesting interpretations. 
We have had our fair share of "curse" words come out and Will and I just laugh, and then he repeats it, we correct him.  But to be honest hearing your three year old say "shit" is pretty funny. 

Max mimics almost anything, but his favorite thing is movies.  He can watch a movie once and it is stuck in his mind.  His current favorite is WRECK IT RALPH.  If you haven't seen if then you should, it is a really cute-fun-family-friendly movie.  There is a part in the movie where Ralph (the main character) meets Vanellope (the cutest little girl).  Vanellope asks Ralph "Are you a hobo?"
Here is the clip from the movie. 

Vanellope leans over a tree branch and asks the question.  This is Max's favorite part.  He laughs and laughs.  Max can mimic the whole scene.  He leans over the back of our couch and says "Are you hobo?"  It is pretty cute and he is so proud because he gets a good laugh out of Will and I.
I wish I had a better video of Max, but he turns off the charm once my camera comes out. 
I am loving this movie memorization phase and I hope it stays around for a long time. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

There are bad nights

Max had an awful night last night.
He was doing things he hasn't done in months. 
We give him 1mg of melatonin to help him relax and allow his body to sleep.  But last night, his poor mind was racing a thousand miles per hour.  He was up saying gibbering, echoing and moving for hours.  Will was up with him almost until 2am when his brain finally turned off.  I went in to check on Max and Will at 12am, and Max was very awake, talking 50 miles per hour.  Now when I say "talking" he repeats sounds, and letters, but they don't mean anything. 

This morning he was up at 7am.  So with very little sleep he is ready to face the day.  And Max is non-stop.  He doesn't rest.  So here is hoping for a good nap for everyone today!

I know there are going to be nights like this.  I know every child has bad nights, and bad days.  It makes me realize how far we have come.  How much good we are doing for Max because he doesn't have awful, frustrating, exhausting nights ALL the time.  I feel so blessed to have found out early that Max is Autistic so we can help him, and that our family can move forward. 

Early intervention is so important. 
Know the early signs of Autism.  
If you question something developmentally with your child ask for help and guidance. 
Go with your gut.  Especially Mom Guts.  They are powerful!
Ask for help, and don't be ashamed of your child. 
Helping your child will help you. 

Max is a champ.  He makes me a very happy and proud Mom.