Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bath Time

Bath time has become the worst time of the day for Max.  He used to love it, and now he screams in terror.  But he can't be the stinky kid, so I had to figure out something that would excite him, or bribe him into the bath. 

We let him bring any toy he wants into the bath or shower.  Once he gets in and the shower is on, he usually is fine, but it is the moments before that are the biggest struggle. 

I had this grand idea and it has helped so much with bath time.
First I freeze small toys in a freezer safe container and add food coloring.  Then when we start bath time I have Max come and grab his frozen toys.  
The toys are then revealed and the food coloring changes the water color.  The darker colors like blue, red, and purple seem to work best.  

 Bath time isn't always perfect, but this has helped. 
Anything that makes life a little less stressful and a little more fun is worth it. 

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