Friday, March 27, 2015

Improving language skills

A year ago Max was official diagnosed with Autism.  He hardly spoke, but instead would cry and tantrum.  He didn't have more than 10 total words he used on a weekly basis.  He didn't have any words linked together and had a severe language delay.  Max has really had a major improvement with his language this last month.  He is starting to talk on his own without being prompted.  He has his own thoughts and remembers what he has said for future conversations. He isn't caught up to people his own age by any means, but he is making amazing progress.  And progress is progress. 
Max's conversations are 4-5 words and might even have multiple topics but he is trying on his own.  As his ability to communicate has improved his tantrums and frustrations has drastically decreased.  His understanding of the world he lives in has also increased.  He has a schedule, he has ways to cope when he gets overwhelmed and over stimulated, and he has people in his daily life that he trusts and are his safety net.

What our family is loving the most right now is how much he sings!  He sings songs he has memorized while he playing trains, while taking a bath, in the car, even at school while at recess or during a break.  It makes me so happy to know he feels comfortable using his voice.  His memorization skills are astounding.  Singing has really helped his vocabulary and speaking voice. 

The video below is Max helping Will and I sing "I am a Child of God."  It made me tear up and also make me realize how far we have come in just one year.  The next video is Max singing to the Sesame Street with no prompting. Just playing trains and singing. 

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