Monday, August 10, 2015

Potty Training - a pain in the butt.

I loath potty training. 
I don't hate a lot of things, but potty trianing is high on my list. 
Luckily I have a very patient husband who has been relentless this summer. 

Max doesn't have a "treat" he likes.  He actualy has made a drastic turn for the worse when it comes to food.  He only drinks his meals.  (Another post about food at a later time)

Potty training has been rought for Max.  And for Mom.  It stressed us both out. 
He doesn't really sense he has to go.  He needed a pattern.  I was still working during the year and felt like I wasn't a big help at all.  I felt really guilty about that.  
We started at school. His teachers were amazing and got him on a great potty schedule.  And once he mastered school we really started working on potty training at home.  We tried to have him on a schedule, we tried to use a sticker system, we tried so many things, but nothing worked.  We were all getting frustrated and upset.  So we stopped.  That was in the beginning of June. 

Max then went to summer camp at Giant Steps two days a week.  And there again, he had accident free days. So we knew he could do it at home. 
Max LOVES trucks and toys.  At school if they have a good work session he gets to have his special toys for a lotted amount of time.  We thought, could this system work at home? 

And then magic happened. 
We bought him the toy he has been wanting.  A rescue bot.  (We actually bought him the wrong one...but Poppi is going to be the hero and send us the correct one!)
Everytime Max is successful using the potty #1 or #2 we allow him to play with his Rescue Bot for 10 minutes.  We set a timer and when it goes off, the toy goes away.  I was reluctant.  I know, negative Mommy moments.  But it worked!  And he put the toy away. 
This has worked every single time.  He even tries to force pee out just to play. He also wants the Rescue Bot show on while playing with his toy.

*The real success story:
Today we were gone at a doctor's appointment for Dexter for 4 hours.  When we came home Max came in the house, he ran to the potty, went and then wanted his Rescue Bot.  Miracles do happen. 

Now, he still wears a diaper at night and in the car.  But, progress is progress no matter how small. 
And we couldn't be prouder of our cute little underware wearing boy! 

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