Sunday, August 21, 2016

Autism Goes to Church - #1

From the dad:

Today at church, during Sacrament Meeting (main congregational sermon meeting) Max was having a rough time. The lights and organ and singing and loud microphone voice all combine into one big overstimulation party. Then we ask him to sit still and stay quiet. Ha.

To distract Max and Dexter today I started drawing pictures. First trucks and airplanes.

Then sharks, whales, Mario, and Pikachu.

Then Max started talking about eating vegetables and how they go into your tummy, so I drew a diagram.

Well, Max also knows where food goes after it leaves the tummy and he started talking about it. Then without warning, Max said "I love the POOPIES!" Said it loud and proud. 

I was rolling, trying to keep all the giggles inside. I was partially successful.

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