Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Max's Third Birthday

Max had a very "Max" birthday.  It was perfect for him.  Quiet and not full of any crazy party.
He played in the dirt.
He got new cars.
He had pasta for dinner.
He had tons of raspberries.
He played with water.

 He LOVES balloons!  Grandma Strong got him a ton.  It was perfect.

It was a perfect day.

And this video made me tear up.  This was the first year we sang Happy Birthday to him with out a meltdown or tantrum.  It was amazing.  We sang soft, we cheered soft, and he was happy.
We are entering his world and he is responding.  He is growing, and we are too.

Happy Birthday Max!  This year is going to be your best yet!

We love you.
~Mom and Dad and Dexter too!

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