Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Progress is Progress

This time last year Will and I started to research Autism.  We started to wonder if our son was on the Autistic Spectrum.  In December  of last year Max had his 30 month well-check from his amazing pediatrician and it was determined that Max was on the spectrum and we needed to get him officially evaluated.  Dr. Adams said something to me that day that has stuck with me and I say it to myself daily: 

"Progress is progress no matter how big or how small."

He gave me a lot of guidance last year.  He sat with me alone and talked with me one on one.  He told me that mothering Max would be different, but it would be magical.  And he has been right. 

Max has made tons of progress this past year.  Some of the progress he has made seems small, and for the average child it might not even be noticed. 

Here are some of the small but MIGHTY progressions Max has made in the past year:

1.  He is occasionally speaking in complete sentences.  "Oh no, what happened?" and "What you doing?" are his current favorites.  He mostly says one or two words, but he tries new words all the time. 

2.  He is a great mimic.  He can memorize shows, movies, and songs like no one I have ever seen.

3.  He has made friends with his cousins and his little brother.  He makes eye contact with all of them.

4.  He says "Hi and Bye" on a daily basis. 

5.  He is sleeping with the help of melatonin, but he is sleeping. 
6.  He doesn't run into the street anymore, he stops at the end of the sidewalk.

7.  He is pretend playing.  This just started a few months ago, and progress has been slow, but he is doing it more and more. 

8.  He doesn't have daily 45 minute - 60 minute tantrums. 

9.  He can build a train track all by himself.  He interlocks the pieces and puts a whole track together.  This is a huge progression in small motor skills. 

10.  He can be separated from Will for long periods of time.  He understands that he will see Daddy again. 
11.  He says Mom now, which to me is the BEST progression of the whole year. 
12.  He has been learning how to drink out of a cup (without a top), we have had a lot of spills, but he is learning. 

Why all the progress?
Will and I entered his world.  We have been open to telling people about Max instead of being embarrassed about him. 
His teachers at school have helped us so much, without the therapists and amazing Autism specialists at Giant Steps we wouldn't be as far as we are now. 
Constant love and support from friends and family. 

Max is a very special boy who does make our life magical.  And we are so lucky!


  1. "Progress is progress." I love that and I love this post. So touching, especially the picture os the two boys sitting together.

  2. Love love love this. You Strongs are amazing. Thanks for sharing your stories!