Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Christmas Program

Max's school Giant Steps put on an adorable Christmas Program.  There are four different Giant Steps schools in Utah County, which has a total of 45-50 Autistic Students.  So imagine all of these 3-4 year old students on stage in Santa hats.  It was cuteness overload.  They sang a medley of Christmas/Holiday songs which lasted about 25 minutes.  It was the perfect little program. 

Max came out on stage and you saw the fear in his eyes.  He doesn't do well in crowds, with loud noise, or when all the attention is on him.  So as soon as he figured out what was going on he got really sad.  His bottom lip started to tremble and you saw the tears coming.  His amazing aid, Brooke, put him right on her lap and did her best to try and make him smile.  Once the program was over, and Max saw Will all was well with the world. 

We took pictures of the program but had to sign a release that said we wouldn't share other children's pictures, which I completely understand and respect.  I cropped a few pictures so Max was just viable. 

This program was another testiment of how wonderful Max's school is.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful teachers taking care of Max during the school day.

Merry Christmas!

With Brooke before the program started.  She loves Max and the feeling is mutual.

Family Picture after the program.  Max was so proud of himself and very happy to be off the stage and with his Dad.  

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