Thursday, April 28, 2016

A small adjustment with huge results.

When something clicks it is the happiest of happiest. 
Max started his new medication about 6 weeks ago.  It took us 4 weeks to notice a difference.  It took us all 6 weeks to realize how something so small could help in a big way. 
Max hasn't been manic at night.  He is on a mood stabilizer so we were hoping the manic behaviors would calm down, and they did!  He is happier at school.  He has been moving through his programs with greater ease.  The biggest thing we have noticed is that his anxiety has decreased.  We are getting really positive feedback at school from his teachers, and it makes me so happy. 
Max has started really loving being surrounded by anything.  Tight, small spaces are his favorite.  This picture is at school. 
"He was very happy."
"Max did great at focusing!" 
 Max still has all his quirks and still has hard days, but they are not for hours upon hours all day every day.  The other night BOTH boys were asleep at 10pm and Will and I found ourselves able to watch Flip or Flop without interruption!  It was amazing. 

Will and I realize medication isn't for everyone.  But we needed to help Max.  And for us this has been an answer to a lot of prayers. 

Now if we could only convince Dexter to sleep in longer stretches things would be pretty perfect. 

If only...

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