Saturday, April 9, 2016

Just let Max be Max

Today we took Max to the shark feeding at the aquarium and he loved it.  He is OBSESSED with sharks and dinosaurs at the moment. Max isn't the best in crowded situations. He yells, he says things over and over, he flaps and spins. Usually we try to stop him. Today Will and I didn't tell him to stop, or to calm down, or hold his flapping arms. He is his own kid. He doesn't realize he does these things, or when he does "stim" or repeat things it is because he is happy or sad. And today he was happy, so why should I stop him? I know socially it isn't "typical" or "acceptable" but he doesn't care. Why should I?

Today we got every bad look, fake smiles, mean glares, and one guy even asked will to "quiet him down." I wish this didn't happen, but I was prepared for it.  I smiled back, or just ignored their rude behaviors.  This was a day for Max and his sharks. And also a good day for me to realize that I need to let him just be him. I need to let go of my own insecurities.  

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  1. You are doing the right thing! Hopefully as people become more aware, they'll become more accepting. Hooray for the power of aquariums!