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I can't believe that Dexter (Max's baby brother) is almost a year old.  A lot has happened in his first year of life.  Dexter is very different than Max, and on most days Will and I find ourselves saying "We are learning how to be parents all over again!"
I am sure we aren't the only parents saying this with their children.  I think back to my own childhood, and how different my brother and I were as kids.  We had similar interests but approached life in very different ways.  Still do.  Which is good, we kept my parents on their toes.
Brandon and Tiffany Rust circa 1985
Dexter is very much his own person and has his own challenges, but developmentally he is right on target with peers in his age group.  At a year is when we really noticed things were changing with Max.  He started regressing developmentally instead of improving.  He started loosing words, loosing interest in food, going into his own world more and more.  We have not seen this with Dexter.  If anything he is more engaging, notices people a lot more, and wants to be the life of the party.

Dexter loves when we get down on the floor and play with him.  He likes to interact with us, and even grabs our hands to "help" him with a toy.  He looks us in the eye and wants to get approval from us by clapping or saying "yes Dexter!"  He is very different than Max was at a year.  Dexter also lets us know very clearly when he is hungry.  He loves solid food and has become quite the puppy picking things off the floor.  Dexter also changes activities about every 5-15 minutes.  He is very busy, moving from toy to toy, activity to activity.  Max could watch a whole movie at a year old, could play and line up cars for 45-60 minutes, or could just sit in the kitchen and watch me cook.  He has always been in his own world.  

We love face-time.  It gives us the opportunity to communicate with my family in New Jersey and New York while being in Utah.  Dexter loves the phone, enjoys seeing my Dad and smiles and copies what my Dad does on the phone.  Max has a harder time with the phone, he doesn't really respond to his name and unless his gets to press the button to end the call he won't interact with my Dad and Brother.  I am blessed that my Dad and Brother understand Max, and love him unconditionally because it is hard to watch Max not respond to "hello Max, how are you Max, what are you doing Max?" 
Face-time with Poppi
Max has just started interacting with Dexter.  He calls Dexter THE B, or MY B.  He gets very concerned when THE B is crying, or when THE B is playing with his trucks.  They recently started chasing each other.  Max doesn't understand that Dexter just wants to play with him, so instead it turns into Dexter chasing Max and both boys laughing and laughing.  It is really fun to watch.

Will recently told me a story.  It was when Max came to the hospital to see Dexter for the first time. Will was with Dexter in the nursery and I was with Max.  Will said to Dexter "It is time to go meet your brother."  Dexter smiled.  He was hours old.  I believe Dexter was excited to see his brother and become his buddy, his friend.  Dexter is teaching Max.  Dexter is a great little-big brother.  I am lucky to have two special boys in my life. 
The Bros - August 2013

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