Saturday, July 5, 2014

The 4th of July

Will and I are still learning.  Every new activity and adventure we have as a family is a learning experience with Max.  The Fourth of July was nothing different, there were very good moments and then some that we wished we approached differently. 

What went REALLY well:
Max loved the parade.  Especially the fire trucks.  He would jump up and down, wave, yell and scream, and was the happiest kid at the parade.  It was very fun! 
At one point the "Wells Fargo" horses passed and Max said "hi cows" but then cheered the LOUDEST for the poop truck that was following the horses.  I am pretty sure he was the only kid cheering for the poop. 

After the parade instead of trying to go swimming and packing the day with tons of 4th of July activities, we came home.  We let him play with trucks inside and we watched the Lego Movie while Max jumped on the trampoline.  It was perfect, and something he was comfortable with. 

What went WRONG:
We took Max to a night time party at our good friends house.  They live in a great neighborhood and have a party to celebrate the Fourth each year that is called the "Cul-da-sac of Fire"!  There is music, lots of people, fireworks and food.  Everything was going great, we brought Max trucks to play with and food for him to eat.  Then it started to get dark and the fireworks started.  They were popping all over Provo.  He was hearing every sound from all over the Valley.  And because his hearing is very sensitive it started to really overwhelm him.  He started crying and hitting his head with his hands, and pulling his ears.  He hated all of the random noises and was making it known.  He cried a lot even when inside where the fireworks were quiet. 

So even though he has made strides, there are a lot of things that we still need to be cautious of.  Loud noises that he isn't expecting is one of them.  I am grateful to our friends the Merrill's and McGuire's who understood what was going on and went out of their way to help us, it means a lot.  We know there is going to be a lot of situations that Max isn't going to be able to handle, but we are lucky for the situations he handles with ease. 

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