Monday, July 28, 2014

Look but don't touch

My Dad has been in town from New Jersey for the past five days.  It has been really great to have him around.  The last time he saw Max was back at Easter.  Max's Autism diagnosis was still fresh at Easter time and we were still debating on pre-school, therapy and other interventions for Max.  Since then we have made a lot of changes to our daily life, and my Dad noticed.  My Dad said Max is more relaxed and is trying to communicate a lot more.  Something we have been doing a lot of is using Facetime.  I truly believe this has helped Max get to know family that is far away better.  It only took a few hours to warm up to my dad instead of a day or two.  By the end of my Dad's visit Max was giving him hugs. 

While my Dad was here we did a lot of fun activities, but the one I was most excited and also nervous about was the Alpine Coasters in Park City.  Cousin Michael was in town so he also came along for the fun.  We drove up to park city, bought the tickets and waited in line.  Max did great in line.  It was a miracle, because the line was over 45 minutes long.  He played with dirt most of the time and was very well behavied.  When we were a couple people away from the start of the coasters my Dad took him in his arms for a closer look.  The coasters are on a track, they look like cars, and they looked to be perfect for Max.  He was excited, he kept pointing and saying car.  He even identified that he wanted the "bu" (blue) one!  As soon as it was our turn to get on the ride, Max wanted nothing to do with it.  He yelled and squirmed all over Will's lap. 

We tried.  We didn't get mad.  We were glad he was so good in line.  Will, Michael, and my Dad still went on the coaster.  Max, Dexter and I watched as they took off. 

Max really has made leaps and strides these last 9 months.  He truly is growing (literally) and learning.  things take time.  The LITTLE steps are HUGE in his world.  

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