Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Good Day

Max had a great day yesterday. 
A day of no tantrums is ALWAYS a good day.
Nothing huge happened.  It was just a good day.
He called me "Mommy" for the first time.  That was amazing.  He looked at me and said "Mommy!"  We hugged and he knew he did something very good.  
He woke up after a solid night of sleep.  We are still giving him melatonin each night, but that 1mg has changed our sleep and our life. 
He loves his new sand box, and asks to play outside multiple times during the day.  He is in his happy place.  He zones out.  He talks to himself in his own language.  It sounds a little bit like the language from Lord of the Rings.  He is so happy. 

We went to Costco.  There were no melt downs, no tantrum in the middle of isle 3, and he stayed by the cart the whole time.  In the checkout lane he pointed to Will and Said "Dad", and then looked at me and said "Mom" and then pointed at Dexter and said "the B!"  He likes to say "the B"!

We went to our neighborhood party and Max showed everyone his belly, touched a girls shirt that had flowers on it,  and spun in circles for almost an hour.  As he grows he gets more clumsy.  He trips over his feet and falls all the time.  He didn't interact with other kids who were playing but he did run around, smile, giggle and even ate some chips.  Chips are his new found food of choice. 

Max was happy.  He was himself.  His special self. 
These days make me realize how happy Max is.  How the smallest things are huge for him.  How going for a drive and pointing out every single MACK truck we pass is the best part of his day.

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