Friday, August 22, 2014

Talking isn't a requirement

Max might not talk much, but boy there is a lot going on in his mind. 
He is very smart.  
He can mimic with the best of them. 
He has the coolest gibberish, and tell us a lot of stories.  We don't understand anything he is saying, but his inflections are spot on. 
If he is in a room of adults and they are all talking and using their hands, he will stand right in the middle and mimic their motions.
He loves to memorize movies.  He memorizes the actions in the movies, and has been doing this since about a year old.  Currently we are very obsessed with Wall-e.  In this clip Wall-e is doing his "job."  He makes trash cubes.  Max will run over to all his toys, collect them in his shirt and then dump them out.  He mimics.  It is his favorite thing to do.
He also memorizes songs.  The beat especially.  He knows all his A-B-C's and can count to 10 without skipping a beat.  They are a formula.  He memorized them.  He doesn't realize they make words, but it is a system. 

He also knows that there are certain formulas in life. For example when we leave somewhere he says "Bye pool" or "Bye Trucks" or "Bye bikes" or "Bye car" because he knows we are leaving.  And he now understands people say "bye" to indicate they are leaving. He is VERY diliberate.  He is black and white, no gray area at all. 

He is very happy or very sad, there is nothing in between.
We are figuring him out.  And I love learning about Max. 
Trucks.  His happy place. His favorite part of life.  When my brother was visiting he said "I don't know if anything makes me THAT happy."  And he is right.  Max is over the moon happy about Trucks.  And it shows.  He is just awesome!
His facial expressions are his way of talking.  And you are see the joy in his face when he sees a truck on the freeway or when the school bus passes our condo.  He doesn't need words, we understand. 

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