Sunday, September 28, 2014


I love hearing Max sing.
He has always loved music.
Recently he has been singing everywhere and repeating songs he has learned at Pre-School.  He doesn't know all the words, but he has great pitch and can stay right on beat.  It is pretty awesome.
He knows the ABC's including the ending.  He will randomly sing it while in the car, in the shower, and even while watching his truck videos.  He loves the sound of his voice.

I wish I had a cute video of him singing.  But as soon as I pull out the camera he gets really shy and stops.  So instead you are getting a video of him doing a somersault.  This is his other new trick.  He is a monkey!  Since being at Pre-School for the last month Max has progressed in leaps and bounds.  His vocabulary is increasing, he is saying more things rather than just screaming for help, he is putting 3-4 word sentences together, and has mastered the art of saying "hello and goodbye!"  When I come home from work he is very serious about making sure he says "Hi Mom!"

Max is very black and white.  So when he learns something about a social cue he takes it very seriously.  We say hello and goodbye to everyone.  He knows that when someone leave a room or he leaves he says "Bye" and when we enter or someone walks into his area he says "hello or hi!"  It is funny sometimes because he will say hello and goodbye in the funniest places, or in a place where you don't really need to say either.  But again, black and white and very proud!

Will and I have looked back over the last year and thought about where we were a year ago.  We were constantly stressed, we were not happy parents, we were worried about Max, he was always having a tantrum and hurting himself, and no one in our house was sleeping.  Fast forward 365 days and we are still learning a lot, but we are happy, Max is learning and progressing, and we are better parents because we entered Max's world.  I am so happy he let us in!

Monkey Man Max

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