Friday, September 12, 2014

The Chase

Max has been playing more and more people games.  Just this past month he has learned that chasing is really fun.  He used to just stand and watch others chase, look and go back to his own world, or would only run away.  Now he comes back and is the chaser. He is participating in the chase.  Dexter and Max LOVE this game, and of course play it any chance they get. They love playing around the couch.  Max has been loving having his Cousin Charley so close because she is also happy to play "The Chase" with him too.  Charley says "I'm going to get you" and Max now repeats it and says "Get you!"

It has been really fun to watch Max learn these last few months.  He is picking up on more social ques and becoming more confident in social settings.  Nursery at church is still hard, and he does things that make the other kids ask things like "what is he doing?"  Or "Why does he do that?"  But he is progressing.  And my doctor has always told me that progress is progress no matter how big or small. 

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