Monday, January 26, 2015

Being a friend

Kids just understand each other.  They just do. 
Cousins understand each other more than anyone and they make fantastic friends. 
I was not close with my cousins growing up so I missed out on having friends that were also cousins.  Max is lucky, he has cousins that are close in age to him and also live close.  He has built in friends.  A build in support system. 

Will and I were talking just last week about friends.  Making friends is a fear I have and I am sure I will always have for Max.  Making sure Max had a good support system at school, and in life in general is really important to me.  Max doesn't really socialize at school with other children.  He stays to himself and in his own world.  His best friends are his trains, Gerald the Giraffe, and his favorite TV characters. 

But then this past weekend we were at the BYU Bean Museum with his cousins.  We were reminded, (again) that Max does have friends.  He has friends that love him, support him, and understand him.  And we are so lucky that they are his cousins. 

Cousin C is who I would call his best friend.  They even hold hands when they are together.  She chases him, and teases him, and loves him.  I tear up when they hug each other.  She does so much for Max, she is teaching him how to socialize.  Cousin C also has helped me realize Max does and always will have friends.  They will love him for all his quirks. 

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