Thursday, January 8, 2015

No shoes, no shirt, no problem?!

Max hates wearing pants, or clothes at all for that matter right now.  He likes to be free, and just in a diaper.  He even sleeps just in a diaper.  And it has been cold in Utah!

He is three and a half, and we have been told that it is a toddler thing.  Or is it?
No clothes, no problem, right?

The problem is that he doesn't feel cold. (Or hot for that matter)  Just like his taste buds are super sensitive and he tastes flavors very intensely.  His sense of cold and hot are also heightened.  We talked to his teacher about this and she believes that Max doesn't have a sense of cold.  So why should he have to wear clothes if he isn't cold?  His hands will turn bright red in the snow, but he doesn't care or complain.  His brother on the other hand, cries at the first sign of cold snow.
Sensory experiences that parents don't even notice may be extremely frightening or unpleasant for a child - the feel of a certain fabric, sounds of certain frequency, particular colors or seemingly bland foods. The child's reactions can easily be interpreted as wilful misbehavior. Along with this will frequently be difficulties in movement, coordination and sensing where one's body is in a given space, leading to clumsiness and difficulty with tasks such as dressing. (From

Max does recognize hot things.  And when he sees the oven on, or the stove, or a fire on the TV he says "Firetruck" and "hot"!  Firetrucks are always involved when it is hot.  Just like when someone gets hurt he says "Ambulance"!

So what do we do?  We allow him to help pick out his clothes.  We don't fight him.  Pick your battles, especially inside the house.  But clothes are a must when he goes outside, or to school.  He wears very soft cotton, nothing with tags or anything that itches.  His shoes are the same for everything.  He wears the same shoes to school as he does for church.  He understands they are his shoes and doesn't argue.  He doesn't like socks at all.  As soon as we come in the house he says "Shoes, socks, off" and lifts up his foot.   We try to dress him right in the morning, we have a better chance of him keeping clothes on during the day this way.  But this is hit or miss too.

So if you see a naked toddler running around Provo he most likely isn't cold.  He is just perfect. 

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  1. Yay that there are printed tags on a lot of clothes instead of fabric ones that are sometimes itchy for everyone.