Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fire Station #3 - Giant Steps Fieldtrip

"Firetruck!" and  "Am-lance!" was all Max wanted to see once his class entered the Fire Station #3 in Orem.  He couldn't even sit still to watch the 10 minute fire safety video.  He was bouncing everywhere and smiling the whole time.

We have been talking about the Fire Station Field Trip all week.
On Monday Max got really sick.  He has a high fever of 104 and turned out he had strep throat.  Max has hardly been sick.  He only went to the doctors once for illness in 2014 and has only been really sick maybe three times in 3.5 years.  Of course he would get sick on the week of the most beloved Giant Steps field trip.

By Thursday he was healthy enough to go back to school, and by Friday you wouldn't even have known how sick he was. 

I was so happy his field trip was on a Friday afternoon.  This meant I could also go because I only work in the mornings on Fridays.

Firetrucks mean a lot to Max.  He connects with them, just like trains.  This was such a fun day and I am so grateful for the Fire-station for allowing his class to come and visit. 

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