Sunday, May 4, 2014

Aquatic Therapy

Max started Aquatic Therapy last week. (April 31st, 2014)
Since Max was very little he has loved being in the water and watching water.  We have on many instances found Max in the bathroom watching the water pour out of the faucet.  It is soothing and calming to him.  The warm water provides a safe and supported environment, which not only supports Max, but also provides him with pressure that surrounds their body in the water.  Max likes to have pressure around his body, it makes him feel safe.  The aquatic Therapy is also helping with his Social Skills because he is being forced to interact with his therapist and other children in the class. 

Aquatic Therapy is being done at the Provo Rec Center.  Which is perfect for us since it is about a mile away and we have family passes.  His therapist is working with him on "People Games" and also on following simple demands and directions.

People Games are lessons and simple games that help children become independent and learn skills needed in society.  They start out with simple skills to more complex.  The games at first might seem insignificant because they are things you would innately do.  Will and I were doing people games with Max before we even knew they had a "term."  Max enjoys doing things like rolling a car back and forth with a partner, holding hands and jumping up and down, pouring things in and out of a box, and playing chase.  But the KEY to people games is to have Max initiate them. 

Simple directions are things like "One two three jump" and "One two three kick."  They give a direction and a command when to start.  It is organized and scheduled.  These type of direct commands with repetition will help Max focus and complete the task. 

We are going to continue with Aquatic Therapy until Max turns three.  Then he doesn't qualify for Early intervention anymore and we are going to be looking for more therapies for him to do.  But that is another post.

So much to learn...but so grateful for those who have already lead the path to help us best serve Max. 


  1. This sounds really neat! Julianna has a fear of water.

  2. Early Intervention is awesome; so glad you're doing it with Max. And you are awesome. Of course.