Friday, May 23, 2014

Trampoline Fun

Max is very busy.  Like most two year olds (who are almost three) are.  He constantly wants to be outside, running, moving, and often will tantrum if these activities are not done "right away!"  He will bring us his shoes and all of the shoes he can find to help us "get the hint" that he wants to go out.  He also will bring the stroller and start putting cars in the stroller in hope that someone will take him on a walk.  Sometimes he will even sit very quietly in the stroller just waiting...

About a month ago we decided to buy a mini trampoline.
This was the BEST 40 dollars we have ever spent.
He bounces on it all the time.
He bounces on it watching movies and singing along to his favorite songs.
He gets energy out and he loves it.

This has helped so much with rainy days, and moments when we just can't take him outside to play.

I would suggest this to anyone with a toddler!

In the video below it is Max bouncing on the mini trampoline watching Mario Brothers on You Tube.  You can hear him saying "Mario"!

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