Monday, May 19, 2014

What doess Max eat?

Max is a big boy.  We call him THE TANK.  People are always shocked when we tell them that he hardly eats.  I am sure most people think we are lying.

Max ate well as a baby.  It was the transition to solid food that was hard.
He was bottle fed and at about 16 months we transitioned him to a sippy cup.
He would drink milk and apple juice from his sippy cup.
We noticed at a very young age that he was picky.
We tried to give him everything we were eating for dinner and he would fight us.  He wouldn't open his mouth and hit our hands away. 

Solids Max will always eat:
White Bread
Colby Jack Cheese - only.
Plain pasta
Strawberries - not cut up the whole strawberry
Raspberries - they are his favorite, and have been since he was very very little.

Solids Max will occasionally eat:
(And when I say eat I mean take a few nibbles...)
Pizza - but plain cheese.
Mashed Potatoes.
French Fries

Things people have suggested to us:
Force him to eat.
He will get better when he is older.
Have you tried vegetables and fruit with him?  Have you tried multiple times? 
(Yes, thank you we haven't thought to give our child vegetables...)
Blend in things to his milk.
Don't let him have anything else until he eats a solid food you are having for dinner.

Some suggestions have been helpful, others have made both Will and I feel like dumb parents.  People don't realize how hard we have tried to get Max to even lick food.
But we have learned it isn't the food, it is the texture.

Max has Sensory issues when it comes to food.  So right now, we do what we can.  We are patient and NEVER force him to try something he doesn't want.  We respect that he has a hard time with food, but ALWAYS give him options.

There are days Max will only drink apple juice and milk.  And you know what, this is okay.

At about 18 months Max was eating yogurt.  He would eat smooth vanilla yogurt.  Our doctor suggested, bless his heart, to add yogurt flavors to his milk to give him a bit more calories during the day.  The two textures together didn't sit well with Max, and he stopped eating yogurt.  He hasn't wanted it since.  I am so glad that he didn't stop drinking milk. 

We know we have a lot of work to do, but we are hopeful that one day he will like ice cream and chocolate. 


  1. Sensory/eating issues are really difficult. My little sister has a condition called MELAS, and my mom and I joke that she survived the first 5 years of her life on marshmallows (the only food she would reliably eat) and love. It's so incredibly hard to deal with, and you guys are doing amazingly well.

  2. He will get there. I am pretty sure occupational therapy helps, and even ABA therapy. You guys are doing such a great job!

  3. Amen. All I can say is ours must be kindred spirits! I feel you hun and love you. Thank you for this blog it makes me feel like I can relate to someone.